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Podcast client that can use BITS – IE8

For two years I was looking for some podcast download client that I will be happy with. After few tries I
1) Started to realize what I want,
2) None of available alternatives gived me what I wanted.

So first, my requiremets:

  • It should download podcasts/videocasts correctly – sadly it’s not so obvious.
  • I want to be able to set up how frequently it should check for new podcasts
  • I want to be able to set how much old podcasts should be in download folder (older should be deleted)
  • It should use BITS to download podcasts, so that I use internet for other things also.

I was trying few clients and their quality was really bad. I was so frustrated that almost wanted to create a such.
Then I bought PSP for my son and found that it’s a great podcast client/downloader/viewer. The minor drawback is that it is downloading with full speed, but in exchange you can set it up so that it’s doing it at night (let say at 4:00 PM). The bigger one is that you can only watch MPEG4 AVC videos.

Until now I’m using PSP, but 2 days ago I found that Internet Explorer has everything I want from version 7.

So how to do it

  1. Subscribe to podcast – add it to your Feeds
  2. Right click on it and choose Properties

  3. Check  “Automatically download attached files” and change the number of items that will be stored on your machine to some reasonable value (to avoid filling up your HD)

  4. Now your computer will download podcasts/videocasts in the background using BITS. You can check status of your download by clicking on the feed and reading gray text next to file link. When it changes to (Downloaded), link will point to your disk.

  5. If you receive error “File size exceeds download limit” check this MSDN documentation for FDE_DOWNLOAD_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error code and set appropriate value in registry.

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